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7 Facts of Simply Legal USA

Simply self-check your immigration eligibility. Don't become a victim of fraud.
Simply private. Questions and responses are not shared with immigration authorities.
Simply innovative. We use U.S. patented technology behind the scenes to navigate your eligibility.
Simply use an email. Your identity is not required. No name, no address, no phone number.
Simply fast. Average 2-6 minutes to answer questions and receive instant answers.
Simply $25.00. Payments processed by or (Visa™, Mastercard™, American Express™) and not stored on our servers.
Simply credible. Created by nationally renowned immigration Attorney Elias Mendoza.


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Study in the U.S.

Interested in attending a US college or University? We’ll walk you through the confusing differences between the J, M, and F visas.


Have you or a loved one been deported from the United States? Ever detained at the border? Learn if you have options to help a loved one return to the USA and how to make it happen.


Getting married? Have an immigration case from years past? Do you have US citizen spouse or children? Discover the truth and learn your immigration options.

Visa Problems

Are you studying in the US and are at risk of taking less than full-time credits? Have you entered the USA on a tourist visa and overstayed your permission? Need to change your visa status? Discover how.

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I invite you to use our system and educate yourself about immigration options you may, or may not, have. Through the thousands of people I have met in the practice of immigration law throughout the world, I spent the last few years developing this system to combat fraud and educate families.

The technology implemented behind-the-scenes navigates government published immigration forms, checklists, eligibility guides, instructions, and charts to determine your eligibility for an immigration benefit through the truthfulness of your answers. This technology does not replace an attorney, and you should always directly consult with an attorney. However, the government has made great strides for individuals and family to seek self-help from their readily available published information.Use the system and arm yourself with education to spot unscrupulous lawyers and leaching notarios.

Take my personal invitation and see what so many people are talking about, and share with your friends and families before ever seeking an immigration benefit.

Elias Mendoza - Founder